Nine Rivers

Nine Rivers follows four men on a month-long, thousand kilometre canoe journey through the Canadian shield. Share the hardships and splendor of the North on this journey to Hudson Bay.

The journey begins in Pickle Lake, where Ontario's paved roads end, and follows nine rivers that cross three watersheds on the way to Fort Severn, a small community on the shores of the Bay. The route is as difficult as it is varied. Cutting over a thousand kilometres of Canadian Shield, it includes massive rivers and nameless creeks, upstream slogs and whitewater runs.

The crew.

Adam Biehler is a Montreal based photographer and videographer whose work has been published in The Walrus and on the CBC. Nine Rivers was his first canoe trip.
Matt Perpick is a Brooklyn based paddler, videographer and tech nerd, silently plotting his return to Canada. His past canoe expeditions include the Seal, Moisie and Albany Rivers. [more]
Dave Hartman is a BC based videographer and adventurer, who is as comfortable ripping down the Rockies on skis as he is upside down in huge whitewater. His past expeditions include the Attawapiskat, Kesagami and many rivers of the West Kootenays. [more]
Ryan 'Turbo' Forsyth is a paddler and adventurer, whose many expeditions include the Winisk, Seal, Bloodvein, Moisie and Albany Rivers. His winters are spent poring over the journals of long dead fur traders and teaching in Northern Ontario.
Screenings of Nine Rivers are happening over the next months. Come and join us.

December 8, 2013 Sudbury, ON Rainbow Cinemas 12:00 pm
November 29, 2013 Toronto, ON Camera Bar 7:00 pm

Thanks to all the folks who helped make Nine Rivers, from planning the trip to polishing the film. Special thanks to Voltaic Systems, who provided a rock solid solar charger that went through hell and kept our cameras powered for a month in the bush, and to old paddling friends - Kate Prince, Marty Pomerlau and Brian O'Neill - for sharing their canoes with us for the summer.

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